Mr. Thomas Basson in Upington court

The murder trial against the former speaker of the Dawid Kruiper Municipality Thomas Basson started at the Upington equality court yesterday, the 21st of November 2023.Basson is accused of killing his wife Fransiena Basson in 2015. The late Basson was allegedly found under her husband's car where there were previous allegation that the husband mistaken her to be a dog. The case was scrolled out of the court roll due to insufficient evidence and now the case was reopened this week after the witnesses became ready to testify in court. The first witnesses testified yesterday, the other witnesses testified today, the 22nd November 2023. The case was supposed to continue after the lunch time today but due to loadshedding it could not continue. 

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang

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