Shanela local success

The police in Upington arrested a 47 year old suspect during a vehicle checkpoint that was conducted on the N10 road yesterday, 2 November 2023. According to a police statement, one vehicle approaching the VCP failed to stop and the driver sped off from the scene when the police attempted to stop him. The statement says, a car chase by ZFM Highway Patrol assisted by Upington Border Police and Upington K9 unit ensued and members managed to stop the vehicle whereby the suspect tried to flee on foot and the members persued and caught up with him. The police says, they also found tik to the value of more that R12 000 in his possession and an undisclosed amount of money. The suspect is facing charges of dealing in drugs and other charges emanating from the incident and is expected to appear in court soon. 

Journalist: Rodrick Titus

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