Red Ox workers

Workers of Red Ox Restuarent in Upington went to deliver a memorandum of grievances today, the 31st October 2023. When they arrive they did not found the owner of the Restaurant in allegedly left the reasturant to avoid the. The workers say they told him they will bring the memorandum today and it is not for the first time always he avoid them by leaving the Restaurant before they arrive and ask someone to receive the memorandum on behalf of him and he did not respond all their memorandums. The workers entered into the Restuarent now they say they will go away until the owner of the Restaurant come. Workers say the following.....'' Insert''  (EMPLOYEES)The members of SACCAWU are accompanied by other workers unions under umbrella of COSATU including the ANC youth league in ZF Mgcawu district. The convenor of the ANC youth league in ZF Mgcawu District Mr. Justice says they are waiting for the owner of the Restaurant to come. Justice say the following....."Inset" (JUSTICE)The ANC regional task team in ZF Mgcawu district Mr. Linda Mbetha says the following...Insert (LINDA)The manager of the Red Ox Restuarent said the rules  doesn't allow him to comment

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang

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