Democratic Alliance (DA) Upington

Members of the Democratic Allaiance (DA) picketed Infront of Upington regional court this morning, the 17th October 2023. The provincial leader of DA in the Northern Cape Mr. Herold McGluwa says the purpose of the picketing was to pressurize the court to take action against the former municipal manager of Kai Garib municipality Jonhy McKay to refund the municipal money. He says McKay face charges relating to contravention of the pension fund. MaGluwa says the following - - - - - "Insert" (DA FUND) McGluwa says after he received the tip off from the whistle blower he went to court to open a case agains McKay. McGluwa says the following - - - - -  "Insert" (DA CASE)"Interview" (DA INTERVIEW)

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang

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