DEFENSOR Security company Workers in Upington on strike

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) in ZF Mgcawu district are striking at Dr. Harry Surtie hospital from today, the 2nd October 2023. The employees of the DEFENSOR Security company say they want their salaries alleging that they always receive their salaries late. The workers say they have to date not received their September 2023 salaries saying this is happen regularly. Workers say the company divides their salaries into 2 by paying the first part of it first and pay the other 1 later during the month saying this makes it difficult to control budgets. The workers say the following - - - - - "Insert" (WORKERS INSERT)Workers say their other colleagues were dismissed from worker because they were asking the Upington DEFENSOR Security company manager about their deducted money from their salaries. Workers say the following - - - - - "Insert" (WORKERS INSERT 2) The SATAWU Organizer in Upington Thabo Seago says the purpose of the strike is to bring about a strong message to DEFENSOR Security Company to pay the workers on time and stop splitting the workers salaries. He says the other issues are pension funds that does not exist and the company refuse to give the workers leave days without the delay. Seago says the following - - - - - "Insert" (SATAWU  INSERT 1)Seago says the other issue the company deduct provident funds money from the workers and when the workers check that money is not available. Seago says explains- - - - - "Insert" (SATAWU INSERT 2) The branch manager of the DEFENSOR Security company in Upington did not want to comment on the allegation and strike of workers and referred us to the head office in Bloemfontein. The head office also did not want to comment. Both of the managers asked for their names not be mentioned on the news.

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang

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