Mayoral imbizo in gasegonyane

A mayoral imbizo was held in wrenchville yesterday during which residents of the ga-segonyane local municipal area were granted the opportuinty to raise the challenges they experience in their area. Acfroding to an official statement by the municipality the executive Mayor Neo George Masegela addressed the attendees of the imbizo indicating that the Municipality is aware of the current issue in Wrenchville regarding the access to land , requesting the community to stop land grabbing and rather wait for official processes for the land to be provided to the community because the Municipality is currently working together with COGHSTA regarding building RDP houses as well as providing land for those that are financially able to build their own houses. The municipality further provided that the Mayor Masegela further highlighted the upcoming project by John Taolo Gaetsewe Developmental Trust in renovating Die Oog ( the First Eye ) Heritage & Tourism Site in Kuruman town as the area has been identified as one of the most historically important heritage sites and must be preserved. Among the projects taking place in Wrenchville includes the continuous refurbishment of the Wrenchville Closed Ground which will continue to provide space for various sporting codes and the Mayor Masegela is reported to have urged the residents to continue to work with government and in partnership to build better communities.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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