Sol plaaitjie university celebrates international university sports day

The Sol Plaaitjie university celebrates the international day of university sports today, by granting high school learners and students from the university the opportunity to participate in various sport codes including sport codes for the disabled. The university shares on their official social media that this day further grants the opportunity to share knowledge on key issues relating to the development of sport and the University Sports Movement worldwide, and to improve awareness of the importance of sport in educational institutions, as well as FISU’s mission, current programmes, policies and priorities. The university furthermore says that today’s sport activities are intended to help reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with disability because sport can transform community attitudes about persons with disabilities by highlighting their skills and reducing the tendency to see the disability instead of the person. The MEC for sports arts and culture Desiree Finnies also took part the activities of the day.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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