Radio Teemaneng board dissolved

The ICASA Complaints and Compliance Committee (CCC)  has dissolved the board of directors of Radio Teemaneng and has instituted an interim committee during a hearing. This follows apparent interference by the board into the day to day management of the station. It is alleged that  some meetings  are held  in the absence of the station manager.  The board has denied the claims lodged against it and indirectly  conceded others. During the said hearing the board countered with its own list of grievances against the station's management.  Furthermore it is believed that there has been no community involvement in 7 years. The CCC says that the station has contravened its license, terms and conditions in that it has not held an annual general meeting to elect a new board of directors since 2016.  It says, both management and board has indicated that they don't wish to see the license of the station revoked for the sake of the community and suggested  that an interim  structure be put in place to ensure that the radio station prepares duly for an elective AGM. 

Journalist: Rene Julies

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