Celebrating our cultural diversity in a democratic south africa

The Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture in the Northern Cays says, it is recognizing the modern, prosperous, developing province as part of its celebration of the Cultural Diversity in Democratic South Africa. The department says, one of the locations honored is Kuruman Moffat Mission, which according to the department continues to be a center for Christian worship and education. The department further states that, the historical structures of the mission station, such as the church and the printing press, serve as reminders of its lasting influence. The department says, in the Namaqua, there is also the Richterveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape. This river divides South Africa from Namibia, which is a neighboring country and also have a tree known as "half-person tree" that resembles a human, and the Namaqua people believe that this tree is an embodiment of their ancestors, half human, half plant, mourning for their ancient Namibian home.

Journalist: Asathaba Grootboom
Email: asathabagrootboom2018@gmail.com

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