cope says premier saul acomodates criminials

The Congress of The People (COPE) in the Northern Cape province Pakes Dikgetsi says Premier Zamani Saul needs to learn the concept of good governance and public administration principles. Dikgetsi says his actions and lack thereof aid and abet corruption, maladministration, and bad governance. He says his initial promises of clean governance differ from his actions over the years of his incumbent administration. Dikgetsi says in a statement that its shocking but not surprising that Sauls appointment of some HODs and other senior officials in the provincial administration are people in the courts, and others have been actors for extended periods. He says the HOD and CFO of the Department of Health are back at work, after being released on bail on Monday, 28 August 2023, in their ongoing corruption and money laundering trial. Dikgetsi says the Premier appointed the Department of Public Works HOD despite facing 217 criminal charges in the Upington Regional Court. He is still at work and not suspended. Dikgetsi says if President Cyril Ramaphosa is serious about fighting against corruption, maladministration, and bad governance, he must act against what he calls Ramaphosas incumbent Premier of choice.

Journalist: Rodrick Titus

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