Red OX restaurant owner accused of fraud while facing charges of assault

It has been alleged through a reliable source close to the situation that the owner of Red OX Steakhouse in Upington has been defrauding his staff members through falsified deductions. It is apparent that this has been an ongoing dilemma at the restaurant since its inception a few years ago. Radio Riverside journalist went out to investigate and upon arrival at the restaurant discovered that apart from the fraud allegations, a case of assault has allegedly been opened against the owner of Red OX steakhouse at the Upington SAPS. The victim of the assault, an unnamed waiter at RED OX, relayed the incident that took place yesterday between him and the owner. It is alleged that the victim was publicly humiliated and beaten up by the owner for a mistake that he is unaware of and proceeded to the police to open a case of assault. This resulted to a strike this morning by the grieved staff members. The waiter had the following to say on the matter…                                                                                                                                                         (Insert- Red OX Waiter 1)The victim alleges that this incident is not foreign to staff members at Red OX Steakhouse as there are allegedly many others who have experienced some form of abuse in the workplace at the hands of the owner who is also the employer.                                                                                                                          (Insert- RED OX Waiter 2)One of the waitresses formed part of a consultation between the lawyers of the steakhouse owner, a union representing them as well as the grieved staff. It is further alleged that the owner is willing to comply with the request of the union to pay back illegally deducted levies to his staff, however, there was no mention of the assault incident that allegedly took place yesterday as no arrest has been made thus far........                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Insert- RED OX Waiter 3)Many people have voiced their opinion about the matter on social media saying something must be done urgently. This follows a post on social media by the mother of the worker who has allegedly been assaulted to vent for advice. 

Journalist: Thulani Sigonya

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