The Northern Cape South African Police Service (SAPS), the Roodepan Community Police Forum (CPF) and Simunye Non Government Organization (NGO) engaged in a GBV discussion in Kimberley yesterday. Captain Sabata Tsiu, the Section Commander of the Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit in Galeshewe represented the SAPS in this engagement. He emphasized the role communities can play in the ending GBV by saying that it cannot be the police responsibility alone to fight this scourge. The Simunye Community Nutrition and Development Centre (CNDC), an NGO devoted to Gender-based violence initiatives in and around Roodepan police station precinct, represented by Ms Ruth Goolamhossen and Mary Bloem indicated that due to healthy relationship with the SAPS in Roodepan, numerous interventions are implemented that seek to compel men to be present fathers and raise their boys with empathy, tolerance and respect.  The listeners agreed with the panel that the local authorities have a bigger role to play in getting rid of vacant and or abundant buildings that seem to be a persistent problem in harbouring perpetrators who pounce on innocent victims.

Journalist: Asathaba Grootboom

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