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John is a Pastor at Jubilee Life Ministries that has the passion to motivate and give life changing advise. John van Wyk joined Radio Rverside on the 1st of March 2014 with the vision to serve the community. He loves swimming, movies and outdoor activities. His role model and mentor is Pastor Jacobus Brouwers who is the Author of Understanding the Prophetic Journey.

This or that with John van Wyk

RRS: What do you like about radio the most?

John: The impacts the radio have in the community, always  to  inform educate and inspire.

RRS: Who inspires you a lot?

John: My inspiration is the Lord, God Almighty He is our provider.

RRS: Do you ever get angry?

John: Yes, I am a human being, but that does not shape me.

RRS: What do you do in your free time?

John: I love  spending  time with my wife and my free time is mostly dedicated  to the Lord.

RRS: Are you married and have a whole binch of children?

John: Lol YES i am married to a beautiful woman but no children yet, but definetly it is in the pipeline.

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