Upington 26 upcoming Documentary

Director at Sisonke Performing Arts, Bongani Melane in collaboration with Selby Nomganga and passionate arts and history enthusiasts alongside AM Creations are currently working on a revived Upington 26 documentary, revisiting the systemic injustices of black and coloured people during the horrors of the final days of Apartheid: the 1980s. Mr. Nomganga is responsible for the historical research of the documentary under the theme 'Filling in the blanks: Upington 26/14' a story of innocence and injustice.                                                                                 Insert(Upington 26 Doccie)The documentary is currently in day 2 of conducting interviews, and visual and audio recordings with participants and victims of that fateful day in Paballelo when the community was at war with the then National Party's government. Interviewees relay back into the past and recall the activities, lost victims, injuries, and incarcerations of fellow friends, family, and activists while risking lives for the betterment of the black suffering majority. The purpose of this documentary is to protect an almost lost history and to educate the youth of now about the youth of yesteryear. The rollout is estimated between August 2023 and March 2024.

Journalist: Thulani Sigonya
Email: e.sigonya@gmail.com

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